Brooklyn Coronavirus Update and Open Thread: Protests Continue With Broad Support (6/3/20)

Fort Greene. Photo by Susan De Vries


    We’re in the twelfth week of sheltering in place and the 50th day of home schooling for New York City schools.

    Looting and destruction has lessened, particularly in Brooklyn, as protests continue even under curfew. Charges for the officer who killed George Floyd have been upgraded to second-degree murder; meanwhile, George W. Bush and other Republicans expressed sympathy for the protesters and Defense Secretary Mark Esper said he does not think active-duty troops should be used against protestors.

    Masks are not being worn and social distancing is not being observed in New York City jails, potentially exposing thousands more to COVID following the arrest of more than a thousand at protests over the past few days. New York State pols are working to change NYC’s secretive process to fight police wrongdoing, according to The City, which also spoke to protesters who were rammed by two police cars in Park Slope Sunday.

    Protest times have been moved up to accommodate the 8 p.m. curfew. A Justice for Breonna Taylor demonstration started at 3 p..m today at Eastern Parkway and Bedford Avenue, and a Bay Ridge protest got under way at 4 p.m. at 6823 3rd Avenue, according to Bushwick Daily. Vigils are also scheduled for 5 p.m. at Maria Hernandez Park in Bushwick and 7 p.m. tonight at McCarren Park in Williamsburg.

    A memorial service is planned for George Floyd at Cadman Plaza in Downtown Brooklyn Thursday at 1 p.m., and family members will attend, including his brother Terrence, who lives in Brooklyn.

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