Brooklyn Coronavirus Update and Open Thread: Budget Shortfall, June Reopening (5/29/20)

Park Slope. Photo by Susan De Vries


    We’re in the eleventh week of sheltering in place and the 47th day of home schooling for New York City schools.

    Against a backdrop of troubling events in Minneapolis (here in Brooklyn, a protest is planned at Barclays Center tonight), New York City is contemplating issuing bonds and taking on debt. Such a move could cover an expected $9 billion drop in revenues thanks to plummeting tourism, retail and income taxes. Pols are hoping the feds will come through with relief funds instead. If they don’t, de Blasio would need permission from Cuomo to borrow, thanks to rules imposed after New York’s fiscal crisis in the 1970s.

    Meanwhile, the extension of the eviction moratorium is being legally challenged by a group of Westchester landlords who have filed suit against Cuomo.

    Closer to home, the Brooklyn Heights Association is reporting success for its relief fund, which has raised more than $42,000 from 125 people, and given grants to hourly workers laid off by local eateries, childcare centers and other businesses to help feed their families.

    Domino Park is accepting food scraps for composting, in light of the suspension of the city composting program. New York City will begin reopening in one week, on Monday, June 8, Cuomo said today. Social distancing will be required.

    What are your thoughts, and how are you weathering the shutdown? What do you think should be done in Brooklyn to combat the spread of the virus and blunt the damage to local businesses and jobs? Please feel free to comment in a respectful manner (please, no personal attacks, nothing libelous). If you are not already logged in, go up to the top right hand side of the page and log in to be able to comment.

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