Brooklyn Bridge Park Gets $40 Million Donation for Community Rec Center!


    Today the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation board announced that a private donor has offered $40 million to construct a year-round recreation center at Brooklyn Bridge Park. The center will be vetted via community dialogue before being built. State Senator Daniel Squadron issued a release on this news that also noted that the “board approved $66.5 million in funding from the City, including the fully-restored funding commitment secured in Senator Squadron’s and Assemblymember Millman’s agreement with the City last summer.” We’ve been asking around about who the private donor is, and all we know so far is that the donor initials are not “M.B.” Update, via the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corp: “Regina Myer, president of the park, announced that Joshua Rechnitz, founder and Chairman of the New York City Fieldhouse Inc. (Fieldhouse), a not-for-profit corporation, offered to underwrite the design and construction costs of a year-round, multi-use recreation facility near Pier 5. The facility is estimated to cost $40 million and represents one of the largest donations ever made to a New York City park.”
    Photo by epc

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