Walking Over the Brooklyn Bridge May Get a Whole Lot Better

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    The Brooklyn Bridge is a victim of its own success.

    Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge by foot or bike has become so popular in recent years — whether for fun or for work — the promenade has become crowded and dangerous. And now finally the city is moving to do something about it, the DOT announced Monday, starting with paying consulting firm Aecom $370,000 to study the options.

    One proposal under serious consideration, floated several years ago by three pols, including Brooklyn City Council members Brad Lander and Steve Levin, is to widen the promenade and erect barriers between cyclists and pedestrians.

    A rendering of the proposed expansion by DOT via New York Times.

    A rendering of the proposed expansion by DOT

    That has already sparked an outcry, though, among those who would prefer to leave the bridge untouched and instead move bicycle traffic off the promenade and into one of the lanes currently used by cars. (Any actual alteration to the bridge would, of course, have to be approved by Landmarks.)

    Either approach should bring some relief to cyclists, street performers, vendors and tourists alike. So stopping traffic to propose marriage — or buy a hot dog — should be slightly less nerve racking.

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