Boerum Hill Residents Complain About Trash at Nearby School


PS 261 in Boerum Hill has a garbage problem, say local residents who are getting tired of seeing, and, this time of year, smelling, trash strewn in front of the school. According to DNAinfo, the school, at 314 Pacific Street, has been leaving piles of garbage bags out on the sidewalk for years. One 21 year-old woman the reporter spoke to remembers avoiding the stacks of refuse on school’s side of the street when she was just 9 years old.

The school dumps garbage bags on Dean Street daily during the school year and throughout the summer when it is home to various youth programs. It can’t use dumpsters because the city’s garbage trucks don’t have the lifts required to empty them and the city only picks up the school’s garbage three days a week.

Locals have complained to the city and the school about rancid liquid leaking from the bags, flies and papers catching flight and dispersing up and down the block. One resident told DNAinfo, “The sidewalk just gets nasty on that side of the street.”

Have you seen trash building up outside PS 261? What about other schools? Are there similar problems elsewhere?

Trash Buildup from Local School Plagues Residents of Boerum Hill [DNAinfo]

Photo: Claire Angelica via DNAinfo

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