Blogging 1000 Dean: Facade Work Almost Done


    We kicked off our blogging coverage of 1000 Dean Street a few weeks ago with news that the scaffolding had gone up on the Dean Street facade in anticipation of beginning facade work. We’re pleased to report that the repair of that front of the building is now complete and its been painted its final light gray color. (The new windows will come later.) Next up for repair: the western exterior wall. In case any of you are scratching your heads wondering what the back-story is, you can read the blog post from April in which we announced the project–a joint venture with BFC Partners and Goldman Sachs to convert the old Studebaker Service Station into a hub for creative commercial activities. Stay tuned in coming months as the renovation action really heats up. If you’d like to register to be contacted when the building is ready for leasing, click here.

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