Bed-Stuy, a Harbor in the Tempest?


    Just as it did a month ago, The New York Times took a stab at classifying Bedford-Stuyvesant, this time as an exception to the ubiquitous economic tumult. Even though real estate prices are dropping faster in Bed-Stuy than in Park Slope, the article argues, the area is ripe for entrepreneurship: commercial rents are lower, attracting new shops such as Therapy Wine Bar or Creative Blossoms. Some of these new businesses are struggling themselves, but the Times points to some optimistic statistics: a 2008 study showing that locals spend $30 million at bars and restaurants outside of the neighborhood (i.e., there is a demand for local venues) and an NYU professor who claims that since residents of Bed-Stuy aren’t as dependent on unstable Wall Street salaries and bonuses as, say, residents of Brooklyn Heights, their spending habits are also more stable. The article does plenty of comparison: Bed-Stuy to Fort Greene, Bed-Stuy to the Upper East Side, Bed-Stuy to Brooklyn Heights. What did you think of it?
    Amid a Citywide Slump, a Local Expansion [NY Times]
    History, with Hipper Retailing in Bed-Stuy [NY Times]
    Photo by Clay Williams

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