Bed Stuy Program for Teens and Brownstoners


    Barnabus Shakur was “raised amongst gangs, drugs, violence and other struggles associated with economically disadvantaged communities,” according to his own biography. And when a 19-year-old buddy received a life sentence, Shakur decided to harness his life and send it in another direction, helping other kids in Bedford-Stuyvesant to stay away from those gangs, drugs and violence through his non-profit, Project Re-Generation. He’s gathered an army of such kids, turning them into Foot Soldiers, his name for a teen job training program that has kids “remove litter, leaves, snow, weeds, and trash from your front yard, stairway, and sidewalk” in exchange for a few bucks a week. Yes, they’ll do the backyard, too, if you have one. The kids can earn community service hours for high school credits and they take money management workshops, so they don’t spend their stipends all in one place.

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