Some Heights Residents Question Velodrome for BB Park


When amateur cyclist and grandson of philanthropists Joshua P. Rechnitz pledged $40 million — the largest gift in New York park history — to build a field house with an indoor cycling track in Brooklyn Bridge Park back in April, it seemed like a gift from the heavens. Now, reports the New York Times, some local residents are questioning the size of the proposed building (larger than a football field) and the traffic it might draw to cobblestone streets with precious little parking. In the fall, architects will unveil the conceptual design and an environmental impact report. The Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation has yet to approve the plan (they’re waiting on the conceptual design), which also requires state approval. “Putting this large of a building at one of the narrower necks of the park raises the question of what’s more important: green space or buildings?” said Fulton Ferry Landing Association head Joan Zimmerman. Regina Myer, president of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation, says that argument misses the point: “It’s not taking away any green space; the plan always called for that location to be a maintenance building.”
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