Bay Ridge Classic Hinsch’s to Close March 1


    Old-school Bay Ridge luncheonette and ice cream parlor Hinsch’s will close in March, according to Brooklyn Daily. It already closed once in 2011, but then was bought by new owners and reopened. Co-owner Roger Desmond, who grew up in the area, said high costs of doing business and changing tastes doomed the diner. “The area no longer supports this kind of establishment,” said Desmond. “Bay Ridge is more of a fast food kind of place now. Hinsch’s is passé, I guess.” The landlord reportedly already has another tenant lined up, although the paper didn’t specify who. Hinsch’s opened in 1948. It is located at 8518 5th Avenue between 85th and 86th streets.
    Not Again! Hinsch’s to Close and This Time It’s Forever! [Brooklyn Daily]
    Photo by roboppy

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