Barclays Center Transportation Plan Revealed


    We’ve tried to pull together all the coverage from media outlets that pertains to the release of last night’s traffic plan for the Barclays Center, as can be seen in the links below. Here are the main points, as we understand them:
    1. “You’ll want to think twice, or maybe even a third time, before deciding to drive to Barclays Arena when it opens on September 28. The parking plan for Barclays is being cut from 1,000 to 541 spots”. -WNYC
    2. “The conundrum that Samuel I. Schwartz, the traffic engineering expert, faced was this: How could the already jam-packed streets in the heart of Brooklyn accommodate thousands of extra cars filled with fans traveling to a basketball arena and desperately searching for parking? His answer, revealed on Tuesday to a panel of Brooklyn officials with all the flourish and detail of a general planning to storm the beaches of Normandy, was to discourage driving entirely, by cutting the number of parking spaces at the Barclays Center in half.” -NY Times
    3. “While the MTA and LIRR will add transit service after Barclays Center events to encourage use of the adjacent transit hub, and arena operators are trying hard to educated and encourrage event-goers to use such transit, the long-delayed Transportation Demand Management plan released today by developer Forest City Ratner still left arena neighbors worried.” -AY Report
    4. “Those residents learned that the city won’t be granting their request for residential parking permits any time soon. The New York City Department of Transportation’s Christopher Hrones said his agency is still studying the issue…He added that even if the city were to approve a parking permit program, it would need permission from the state, and that takes time.” – Transportation Nation

    And there you have it: Public transportation will be promoted, there will be far fewer parking spaces than initially anticipated, and no residential parking permits anytime soon.
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