Another Addition for Bushwick’s Bossert Mansion?


The renovation and addition at 1002 Bushwick Avenue, built in 1887 for lumber baron and hotelier Louis Bossert and designed by architect Theobold Englehardt, is complete and looking quite spiffy since we last visited, in our opinion.

The redo added 2,300 square feet and converted the building to apartments with 20 units. The rear modern addition completely subsumed a tiny 19th century stable that was originally on the property, and the connecting building got a slightly different roof and windows. The building started renting at the end of the summer and as far as we can tell from online listings is full.

Now another addition is in the offing, reported In December, a new application was filed by the same architect, Nataliya Donskoy, who now proposes to add a fourth story to the building. We’re not sure exactly where this fourth story is going, but we hope somewhere in the rear where it won’t be seen.

It would be a shame to mar the look of the original building or make the modern addition any higher. (Our photo makes the new building looks as if it looms over the original one, but in fact they are nicely balanced.) But this area is not landmarked, so anything within existing zoning regulations goes. The proposed addition would max out the FAR and add another 15 units, according to

There’s a partial stop work order on the property. Maybe the new permit is just an application to legalize the work they’ve already done?

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