Annabelle Selldorf’s Sunset Park Green Recycling Facility to Open in October


    A recycling center designed by architect Annabelle Selldorf is set to open in Sunset Park’s South Brooklyn Marine Terminal in October, The New York Times reported. The green building “will exploit its waterfront site to favor the use of barges, eliminating an estimated 70,000 truck trips annually from city streets,” said the story. Selldorf used inexpensive off-the-shelf steel components to create an elegant design that will house an information center for school trips. Visitors will be able to watch workers sort materials from a mezzanine in a giant shed. The new Prospect Park ice skating rink should be open by December, the story also said. It’s going to be LEED certified.

    A Crop of Projects With Green Bonafides [NY Times]
    Rendering by Selldorf Architects

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