A Close Look at Gentrification in Crown Heights


    More than 50 businesses have opened on Franklin Avenue in Crown Heights north since 2008, rents in Crown Heights are rising rapidly and new people, many of whom are young and white, are moving into the area. Narratively, a site that publishes in-depth stories about New York, takes a long look at the what and why of the changes happening in Crown Heights. Their explanation: Local community groups who have worked hard to improve the area, more policing (often at the request of the community), and real estate firms. We agree that areas such as Crown Heights and Bed Stuy have become safer, more desirable places to live because of the hard work of the people who have lived there for decades. Might broader forces also be at work, namely the decades-long disappearance of well-paid jobs with benefits and the reversal of white flight?
    Note: The publisher of Brownstoner is one of the development partners at 1000 Dean, mentioned in the article.
    A Look Below the Surface in Gentrifying Crown Heights [Narratively]
    Photo by Mo Scarpelli for Narratively

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