102 Pierrepont Street Sells for $3 Million


    $3 million for a six-story townhouse on one of the best blocks in Brooklyn Heights? In a nabe where $1,000 a foot isn’t out of the question, $450 a foot sounds too cheap to be true. And it is, really, when you consider that the house is not your average one-family luxury pad. For years, the stately home has been chopped up into six rental units, one of which is still occupied by a rent control tenant. And that tenant is inconveniently located on the 5th floor, single-handedly dashing the hopes of would-be converters (or all those who don’t like the idea of a stranger traipsing through their living room on the way up to their apartment). The buyer, not surprisingly, was an investor rather than an end-user, according to Massey Knakal, which arranged the sale.
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