Michelle Williams and her “Tara.” Photo at left by Gage Skidmore for Wikipedia Commons; photo at right by Kate Leonova for PropertyShark

Hollywood in the Hood?

Called “The Tara of Prospect Park South” (even the garage has columns!), this gigantic house will be home to movie star Michelle Williams. The eight fireplaces should keep her warm in winter and the 18 rooms will leave her less cramped than that old row house she’s been cooped up in. Montrose Morris wrote about this grand home’s history in 2011, and despite the asphalt shingles, she called it a “wonderful massive Victorian steamboat of a house.” We’re hoping Ms. Williams will restore the clapboard siding.

Spring cleaning for the Flatbush Trees, a 70s-era landmark, came just in time for summer, thanks to local installation artist Dave Eppley, blogger and activist Tim Thomas of the Q at Parkside, and 100 middle school kids.

If you miss Saturday’s walking tour of Sunset Park by preservationist Joe Svehlak — who grew up on 57th Street in the mid 20th century when the area was still called Bay Ridge — catch him on August 1 when he talks about the area’s community activism.