Rendering Reveals Low-Slung Store to Replace Empty Lot on North 6th Street in ‘Burg


We found a rendering on the fence that shows a low-slung store will replace an empty lot at 61 and 63 North 6th Street, on a busy commercial strip not far from the water in Williamsburg. The building could be interesting architecturally, depending on what materials are used.

New-building permits were approved for the lots in March. The permit for 61 North 6th Street calls for a one-story building with a cellar. All 4,300 square feet of the space will be commercial. 

The permit at 63 North 6th Street calls for same thing, only with 3,300 square feet of commercial space. There are no recent permits on file for 59 North 6th Street, although a LLC by that name owns the lots.

The longtime owner of both lots is Perveez Rehan, owner of 59 North 6th Street LLC, according to permits. The applicant of record is Victor K. Han, an architect based in Flushing.

The lot has been cleared but construction is not yet under way, as a peek behind the fence, below, reveals. Signage on the fence says the project is supposed to wrap in “spring 2015,” but that seems unlikely.

We think a taller building would make better use of the space and fit in better with the street scape here, but it seems the owner is limited by the site’s FAR of 1.0. As for the design, much will depend on the execution.

The big windows are attractive, and the facade running along the top of it could be, depending on what materials are used. We’re not sure if the rendering shows a printed pattern or a shiny, reflective, metallic surface, but we think the former could be interesting.

What do you think of the design of the building and its location?


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