Here’s What the 10-Unit Building Across From Diner in South ‘Burg Will Look Like


A rendering is up at the construction site for the new apartment building that will rise at 369 Berry Street in Williamsburg. The design looks quite busy, and will use at least four different materials on the facade.

A tweedy brick in grey, black and beige will make up most of the facade. There will also be orange brick, beige tile and smaller multi-colored salt-and-pepper-colored tile (or possibly rock veneer). Colonial style sconces accent the entry, and a glass wall tops the structure.

The applicant of record is architect Charles Mallea, who is becoming quite prolific in north and central Brooklyn, with more than a dozen projects in Bed Stuy, Greenpoint, Williamsburg and Bushwick. Projects include a controversial apartment building with mirrored cracks at 410 Tompkins Avenue and more traditional buildings at 75 Ralph Avenue and 774 Bushwick Avenue.

Plans here call for 10 apartments spread over 8,481 square feet of residential space. There will also be 2,383 square feet of commercial space and 2,627 square feet devoted to a community facility.

The building will feature two duplex penthouse units and a roof deck. Many of the units will have balconies.

Plans for the project were filed in February of 2014 but only approved in March of this year. Since then two post-approval amendments to the plan have been disapproved.

369 Berry Street

The lot in 2012. Photo by Christopher Bride for PropertyShark

The developer, M&B Monroe Inc., based in Monroe, N.Y., bought the empty lot near the intersection of Berry and Broadway and across the street from Diner back in 1996. The building has changed hands several times since 1970 but each time it was sold for no money according to Acris, including to the current owner.

The site, previously a parking lot, is now surrounded by a green construction fence. When we stopped by recently, we could see the project has not yet broken ground, although we could not get a photo inside the fence.

This once-sleepy area around Bedford and Broadway in south Williamsburg is becoming increasingly dense as developers fill in empty lots large and small with new apartment buildings, such as the huge luxury building at 50 Broadway in the next block.

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