Building of the Day: 443 Clinton Avenue

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Address: 443 Clinton Avenue, between Gates and Greene.
Name: Originally the William H. Burger House
Neighborhood: Clinton Hill (Clinton Hill Historic District)
Year Built: 1902
Architectural Style: Neo-Jacobean
Architects: Hobart A. Walker
Landmarked: Yes

Why chosen: The fluted and banded Tuscan columns catch your attention, but the more you look at this house, you realized that there is a lot going on here. The house could almost be mistaken for two rowhouses, each slightly different. The gables are deceptively different, but both sides are tied together by the balconies, decorative ornament and keystones. The side features an attractive bay on the second floor, and beautiful brickwork throughout. The Clinton Hill Historic District designation report calls the style Neo-Jacobean, and notes that the house was built for stockbroker William H. Burger. Clinton Ave, was, of course, THE street to be on during the Gilded Age, and this house is a fine example of the imaginative and eclectic architecture that flourished during that period for those who could afford the best.

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