Broken Angel: A History Lesson


    We have yet to see anyone reading the Daily News Brooklyn supplement nor is it available online as far as we can tell, but we now have proof of its existence in the form of a faxed story from a reader. The subject: Everybody’s favorite architectural lark, Downing Street’s Broken Angel. Artist Arthur Wood, now 75, bought the 1864 building for $2,100 in 1979 and then proceeded to turn it into arguably the largest piece of public art in the city. Over 27 years, he has built 8 lofty spaces rising 108 vertical feet into the sky. The feat he’s targeting to cap it all off involves creating a huge whale out of an old helicopter and hanging it from the building. We get a huge kick out of the building but are a little curious about how he’s managed to elude the wrath of the DOB.
    Photo by Scott Dyer via Curbed
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