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    For nearly a decade, the Brownstoner Forum has served as a vital place for Brooklynites to get and give advice about every aspect of homeownership and renovation, real estate, and life in New York’s favorite borough. Our experienced readers have come to the rescue with their insight, expertise and neighborly advice on a wide range of topics, including property taxes, building permits, schools, gardening, restaurants, neighborhoods, places to take visitors, and farmer’s markets.

    We’ve added a real-time discussion platform, updated the navigation, and improved search. So it’s easier than ever to tap the collective wisdom of Brooklynites now or in the thousands of questions and replies contributed over the years.

    You can keep track of all your discussions with My Feed. You can watch any thread, so you won’t lose track of an interesting conversation. You can opt to get notifications when someone replies to a particular thread — handy if someone answers a question weeks after you post it. You can also edit your posts and replies.

    The basics are still as great as ever: In the Brownstoner Forum, you can ask a question, search for a topic, browse what others have posted, and join the conversation with neighbors and local experts by sharing your own experiences with others seeking help.

    Here’s a step-by-step guide to using this extensive library of Brooklyn know-how.

    Seamless search

    So your neighbor started a renovation without filing permits and you want to know how to approach them about it. Or perhaps you’re thinking about buying your first home and don’t know where to start. Find the answers in our decade of Brownstoner Forum posts; just type in your question in the search box and look through specific results.

    Brownstoner Forum Search

    Writing a post

    Couldn’t find the answer to your question in our archives? Start a new post and let the answers come to you. Simply click on “Start a new topic…” and add in all the relevant information.

    How to Use Brownstoner Forum

    And don’t forget to select the topic best suited to your question from the “Post in” dropdown menu.

    Brownstoner Forum Choose a Topic

    Editing your posts

    Let your typos be a thing of the past. You can edit your Forum posts, responses to posts and comments across the site, for 2.7 minutes after you hit publish. Just click on the pencil icon before the clock runs out.

    Brownstoner Forum Editing Posts

    Responding to posts

    Hey! You got a response. Just highlight the text and click on the quotation marks to thank your neighbor for chiming in.

    Brownstoner Forum Responding to Post

    Get notified quickly when someone replies to your post

    Keep your Forum conversations going in real time. While you’re looking at a post, you can see when someone is typing a response to it, and if they publish their response you’ll see it immediately. If you’re elsewhere on Brownstoner, you’ll get a small pop-up notifying you that someone has replied to your post. If you’re off the site, you’ll get an email notifying you of any responses.

    Brownstoner Forum Notifications

    Watching posts

    Curious what people have to say about a post topic but don’t want to chime in yourself? Click the eye icon next to the poster’s username and the thread will be added to your feed. You’ll be updated with new replies.

    Brownstoner Forum Watch a Post

    Keep track of your conversations

    Keep track of all your Brownstoner Forum conversations via the “My Feed” button, to the left of the Forum’s search bar. Here you’ll find topics you’ve posted, posts you’ve commented on and posts you’re watching, all in one place. You can also access your feed by visiting your dashboard and clicking “My Feed” under the Forum section on the left sidebar.

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