With Brownstoner Services, Finding the Right Pro for Your Project Has Never Been Easier

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    We’ve all been there, searching for a plumber to fix a leaky faucet, finding a duct specialist who could remove the baby birds from our vent… or not…

    Now, with Brownstoner looking better than ever thanks to our own renovation, we’re launching a brand new service — a free online concierge connecting homeowners with expert home improvement pros to help you get the job done.

    So now, when you need a contractor, plumber, architect or other professional, you can pop over to Brownstoner Services and chat with a real live person (did we mention it’s free?) who can connect you with potential pros for any type of home-improvement project.

    Over the years, we’ve gotten to know hundreds of electricians, carpenters and designers — and showcased profiles detailing their services on the site. But we knew there had to be a better way to connect Brooklynites with the people they need to help them make their home better.

    Brownstoner Services Concierge

    Photo by Michael Dougherty via Flickr

    Chat live with Brownstoner’s concierge to find the professional you need.

    Our concierge is standing by — like an eager old-timey matchmaker — ready to receive your questions about exactly what you’re looking for and the job you have in mind. Head over to Brownstoner Services and click on the red chat bubble on the lower corner of the page. Our Brownstoner Concierge Team pop-up will greet you with a message, welcoming your inquiry with open arms.

    Brownstoner Services Concierge

    After you’ve given us the deets on your project, the concierge will then chat with a number of our Brownstoner Services Pros to identify folks who are interested in bringing your project to completion.

    We’ll send you a list of potential candidates via email and follow up to make sure you have all the info you need.

    If it’s not the services of a pro you need help navigating, your fellow Brooklyn residents are here to help you. Our concierge can put you in touch with our 10+ years of crowdsourced advice and can even post questions for you in the forum.

    Brownstoner Services Concierge

    Photo by Tom Giebel via Flickr

    Browse professional profiles on Brownstoner Services.

    No worries if you still prefer to browse our marketplace. Catalogued by specialty, Brownstoner Services makes it easy to find any local professional, in any field you need.

    The section is easier to use than ever, with a clean new look, enhanced navigation, better photography, links to relevant editorial stories, and testimonials — all to make it easier to find the right specialists.

    Brownstoner Services Directory

    The profile of every service professional includes:

    • examples of their work
    • information about their business
    • a way to get in touch

    Brownstoner Services Concierge Architect About Page

    For more information on our concierge and services features, see our online FAQ.

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