Third Annual NYC Honey Fest in Rockaway Beach on September 7th


    Foodies, nature lovers and beach bums are abuzz about the Third Annual NYC Honey Fest on September 7th. To be held on Rockaway Beach’s 86th Street Boardwalk, which was recently rebuilt after Hurricane Sandy, vendors of all stripes will sample and sell everything from local, monofloral honey to honey-infused desserts to beeswax-based candles and cosmetics to bee-inspired, silkscreen t-shirts. Children-friendly activities (face-painting, costume-making, puppetry), a movie screening on the beach, observational hives, live performances and introductory beekeeping classes will round out the event, which is sponsored by Brooklyn Grange (located in Long Island City) and Rippers. There will also be an avant-garde, beachside, honey‐based Rosh Hashanah ritual.

    Details: NYC Honey Fest, 86th Street Boardwalk, Rockaway Beach, September 7th, 10 am – sunset, free.

    Photo by NYC Honey Fest/FB

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