Sunnyside is getting a new elementary school


    Image source: Sunnyside Post

    The Sunnyside Post reports that Sunnyside will be home to a new elementary school. Construction will start at the beginning of 2013, according to the School Construction Authority. It will be located on a piece of empty land that spans the block between 42nd and 43rd Streets, almost to 47th Avenue (south of Queens Blvd – GMAP), in the location that used to be the Sunnyside Jewish Center. Here’s an aerial view:


    Image source: Google Maps – empty lot that will become PS 313

    This land used to be the location of a large synagogue that served as a place of worship and community for Sunnyside’s Jewish community, which reached 1,500 members forty years ago. By 2011 it was down to 50. According to the Queens Chronicle, in 2006, the building was sold to the Norcor Management Corp. for $4.95 million. They razed it, with plans in mind to create residential housing, which obviously didn’t happen.

    The expectation of this school is that it will help alleviate overcrowding at PS 199 (39-20 48th Ave – GMAP); this happens to be New York City’s most congested school district, too. It is scheduled to open in September 2014.

    City about to break ground on Sunnyside elementary school [Sunnyside Post]

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