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  • What you need is a BLUMberg form. You can find them online at : http://www.blumberglegalforms.com/ You can also find find them at most stationery stores located near and around courthouses. In Brooklyn, try the stationery stores on Court Street between Montague and Joralemon. For a wider choice of Blumberg form dealers, check this out: http://www.blumberg.com/dealers/index.html

  • The 62 White street address is their headquarters. I haven’t been there in years but recollect that they have all their forms available at that address. Just off Broadway.

  • Just out of curiosity, why the Blumberg lease? A quick look reveals some clauses that won’t hold in LL/Tenant court in NYC. Most lawyers in NYC use the REBNY lease forms. They tend to update based on NYC rulings.

  • thanks for the info on REBNY.

  • Stationery stores have them. There’s one on the east side of 7th Av between 7th & 8th or 8th & 9th in the Slope that stocks them

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