Pricey Gowanus Cleanup to Take 10+ Years


    The Daily News and the Post report that the Environmental Protection Agency has released a draft proposal for cleaning up the Gowanus Canal and, according to the News, the project is expected to take a minimum of 10 years and cost between $351 million and $456 million. Cleaning up the Superfund site will “involve dredging five to ten feet of polluted muck and then putting three protective layers between the canal water and the hard sediment underneath to make sure new contamination can’t get through.” Meanwhile, the Post notes that the EPA wants the city to stop allowing sewage and storm-water runoff into the canal, a potentially expensive proposition that the city opposes.
    EPA Outlines Plans to Dredge Polluted Gowanus Canal [NY Daily News]
    Gowanus Cleanup to be Taxing [NY Post]

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