07/23/14 1:30pm

384 vanderbilt avenue fort greene 72014

The Fort Greene house with radiant heat controlled by an iPad we told you about last month is now on the market. Renovated by Stuyvesant Group, it is unusually luxurious even for a high-end renovation and has an open floor plan, a double height kitchen in the rear of the parlor floor, marble counters and slabs of marble on the walls in the kitchen, and a high-efficiency boiler.

The house was a shell so there were no details to save, developer Adam Cohen told us, but he purchased three salvage pier mirrors and now one of them conceals a TV behind smoked glass. It’s set up as a triplex over a garden rental. We suspect this will go quickly at $3,500,000. What do you think?

384 Vanderbilt Avenue [Halstead] GMAP

07/16/14 1:30pm

280 park place crown heights 72014

This Neo-Renaissance brownstone at 280 Park Place has tons of lavish details, including an onyx fireplace surround, elaborate screens, stained glass and inlaid parquet floors. Perhaps they used some salvage in the restoration, since not all the wood work appears to match (just an observation, not a criticism). All the mechanicals are new.

It’s set up as two rentals over a large owner’s duplex, with an extension on both levels in the duplex. It was a House of the Day in 2008.

It last sold for $1,450,000 in 2011. For $3,750,000, how do you like it?

280 Park Place [Brooklyn Properties] GMAP

07/14/14 1:30pm

331 washington avenue clinton hill 72014

This is the kind of estate condition listing we love: It’s got grand proportions (despite being less than 18 feet wide), Neo Grec details such as incised marble fireplaces, what seems to be a largely untouched floor plan, and even a few of the original built ins and sinks in the passthroughs, according to the listing. No kitchens or baths are shown, and we couldn’t check any HPD history because the site is down.

The brownstone at 331 Washington Avenue traded hands earlier this month from one LLC to another for $1,900,000. It looks like a lovely place, but the new ask is $2,995,000. Last we checked, that was top of the line for a Clinton Hill row house. Are fixer-uppers really going for that much now?

331 Washington Avenue [Corcoran] GMAP

07/07/14 1:30pm

312 garfield place park slope 62014

This huge and absolutely stunning Park Slope Renaissance Revival brownstone did not sell more than a year ago, when it was a House of the Day and asking  $9,000,000. Now the new ask is $6,995,000, which if our back-of-the-envelope calculations are correct, puts it about just under $1,100 a square foot.

It’s 22 feet wide and 78 feet deep, on a park block, and seems to have endless original features in perfect condition, including an original bath, an onyx fireplace surround and untouched woodwork. Still, most top-of-the-line Park Slope houses seem to clock in at about $3,000,000 less.

Think this cut will get the deal done?

312 Garfield Place [Betancourt] GMAP