07/23/14 8:30am


A Brooklyn Bridge Mystery: Who Raised the White Flags? [NY Times]
Eyes on Gaza, Tensions Flare in Brooklyn [NY Times]
Man Crushed by Falling Tree Branch on MacDonough Street in Bed Stuy [NY Post]
Former Navy Ship Docking for Tours at Brooklyn Bridge Park [Brooklyn Paper]
171 North 10th Street 50 Percent Leased [Curbed]
Creative Class Migrates Deeper Into Brooklyn, Queens [Crain's]
Baby Possum Wanders into Gourmet Park Slope Cheese Shop [DNAinfo]

07/22/14 8:30am


A J.Crew Grows in Brooklyn [NY Times]
Barbecue Lovers Want More Designated Grill Sites East of Prospect Park [NY Daily News]
Owner of ReBar Goes to Prison [NY Daily News]
Crown Heights Hottest Brooklyn Neighborhood for Multifamily Investment [Brooklyn Eagle]
Bushwick’s Colony 1209 60 Percent Leased [Curbed]
Cyclist’s Legs Crushed by Cement Truck in East Williamsburg [Gothamist]
Pace of B1 Modules Increases, to 246 of 930 [AYR]
Sunset Park Could Lose Part of Its Only Public Pier Under City Plan [DNAinfo]
Patrons “Feel Weird” About Williamsburg Starbucks on Opening Day [DNAinfo]

07/21/14 11:30am


About a year ago, we had modest plans to complete our already pretty well established garden with a few shrubs, but one thing led to another and we ended up replanting most of it. We had been looking for peonies and maybe some hydrangeas to fill in a few holes but could never find what we wanted in the quantities we needed. (more…)