Daily News: Brooklyn Central Library Needs $100 Million in Repairs

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Brooklyn Public Library’s central branch at Grand Army Plaza needs $100,000,000 in repairs but only has enough cash to cover $30,000,000, according to a report in The New York Daily News. Library officials are about to begin repairing the cracked and leaking roof over the wing on the Flatbush Avenue side, which will cost $1,400,000.

The current roof will be torn off and replaced with membrane roofing, a more durable alternative to traditional asphalt roofs. Next year, the library plans to repair the branch’s Grand Lobby, update aging fire alarms, and fix its creaky elevators. The 73-year-old Art Deco building also has faulty air conditioning, cracked windows, and decaying bathrooms with broken sinks and toilets.

The de Blasio administration allocated $18,000,000 for capital repairs across the BPL’s 60-branch system, which requires an estimated $300,000,000 in repairs. The library is still planning to sell its Brooklyn Heights branch to a developer. Officials began evaluating proposals for a mixed-use condo building with the library on the ground floor in December.

Brooklyn’s Central Library Branch Needs $100 Million in Repairs [NYDN]
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  • $100 million? These people are mad. Like other city agencies they have lost all concept of money. This is a real crisis in NYC, where no capital project can be completed without paying at least twice what it would cost in the private sector. It’s as if tens of millions of tax dollars are chump change to the bureaucrats who could care less if a project is finished on time or finished at all. The libraries, like the parks need to detach their capital projects from city agencies like DCAS or EDC. They need to form private, non-profit, friends groups that can deal efficiently with contractors and projects. Without private groups like the Prospect Park Alliance or the Central Park Conservancy, those two parks would still be shit holes. The public sector’s capital projects function is broken. It needs to be thrown out and replaced with something new.

  • For $100 million the bathrooms better have solid gold toilets. You could rebuild that whole place from the ground up for $100 million. What moron is handling the bids on this thing????

  • These may be the same financial wizards who stated that new a.c. for the Brooklyn Heights branch would cost 20 million.

  • Surprising that the library officials don’t seem to have realized that this would be a perfect property for a luxury condo development. Right across the street from Richard Meier. Of course, to get units with the best views of the plaza, they’d have to knock windows through that big, empty facade — which is already such a waste of space…

  • Only $100m?! What, are they doing construction for free these days?