Starbucks Is Coming to Crown Heights

341 eastern parkway now leasing 52014

Apparently the rumors are true: Starbucks is joining Capital One in the ground floor space at 341 Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights, according to DNAinfo. This will be the coffee giant’s first store east of Flatbush Avenue. Most of its Brooklyn locations are concentrated in Brooklyn Heights and Downtown Brooklyn, along with two in Park Slope and several scattered around Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst and Flatbush.

We don’t know what they’re paying for their 4,500 square feet of space, but the asking rent for Capital One was $100 a square foot. Both the bank and the coffee retailer are slated to open in the fall. And the eight-story, 63-unit building is ready to start leasing in July with rents ranging from $2,575 for a one-bedroom to $3,700 for a two-bedroom, two-bath apartment.

We wonder what this will mean for the other Franklin Avenue coffee retailers, which include Pulp and Bean (two locations), Little Zelda, Breukelen Coffee House, as well as nearby Crosby Coffee and Glass Shop. What impact do you think the new coffee shop will have on the neighborhood?

Starbucks to Open First Crown Heights Location This Fall [DNAinfo] GMAP
341 Eastern Parkway Coverage [Brownstoner]

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  • Hooray. Only six more strollers and a decent retail mix away from being fully Park Slope. Or what most people know as Connecticut, only whiter.

  • 3 Starbucks in Park Slope if you count the one in Barnes and Noble and the one on Flatbush. I guess either one is debatable.

  • I guess I got out just in time. : (

  • This isn’t a surprise. They have been checking out places on Franklin for the last year+.

    • It’s still underwhelming, considering 1) the amount of coffee shops in the near area, and 2) how many other things are actually needed retail-wise on Franklin.

  • This is great, hope to see them come up to Bed-Stuy. A Trader Joe’s would be great too.

  • white people in da house.

  • Not at all concerned for any of the 14 coffee shops within walking distance of my house. If they haven’t cannibalized themselves yet, Starbucks isn’t going to kill them. Prefer a Kings Pharmacy, but would settle for one that is open on the weekends (WTF, pharmacies on Franklin Ave?)

  • Isn’t this fast-forwarding two or three traditional gentrification steps, like a decent chain supermarket and a drugstore and a Brooklyn Industries first, and THEN Starbucks swoops in? To be fair that outdoor patio on the Eastern Parkway side of the building next to the subway entrance looks tailor-made for a Starbucks (maybe they’ll annex the EP service road as a drive-thru). Not a fan of SBUX but perhaps some of the multiple indie coffee shops on Franklin will step up their game now – other than Little Zelda the rest seem more about hipster image than decent coffee.

    • I think with the feeding frenzy for property and rents that’s happened, the stages had long since been jumped two or three stages. Which I think is pricing the more interesting retail out, at least on Franklin. Maybe Nostrand will be different, but considering the spread of gentrification and the overall speculation in the neighborhood, either a bubble’s going to have to collapse, or we’re just going to have to get used to looking a lot more generic.

      • Amen. Would have been great to live through a gentler change, much like how Smith Street took 10+ years to go from Bodegas through funky BoBo playground and eventually to catalog-shopping-stroller-pushers. This is heading to do a similar change in less than 5 years, to my relatively uneducated eye.

        Can’t help but feel that MySpace was/is a significant single factor in why the rent rise – and consequent retail makeover – has felt so much faster than elsewhere. Their focus on this NW corner of CH and adherence to the No-Fee model – even during a fierce seller’s market – has given them a steady firehose of young NYC students/new arrivals to spray around a neighborhood that otherwise would have been slower to appear on the radar.

    • Compare Supermarket is quite nice. Starbucks isn’t overstepping.

      • I agree with whynot: Compare is quite fine, and I did well with Key Foods when I was closer. And Starbucks isn’t overstepping: really, they’re about right with where the neighborhood is.

        It’s just lamentable that the neighborhood got there without at least having more ‘there’ there. It hasn’t grown into its new character before the developers (and the speculation of their moneys) have had a chance at it.

  • LOL – that was quick.

  • Is it just me or is this the ugliest building they possibly could have built?

  • The ultimate irony is the neighborhood needs specific businesses, the neighborhood can sustain them after a bit of time, but retail landlords want top dollar for dumps, that require substantial Capitol investment. The small entrepreneur that is perfect for CH and BS are sadly priced out.