Saraghina to Open Bakery in Bed Stuy


Bed Stuy’s popular pizza and Italian restaurant Saraghina is expanding with a bakery, which will be located in the empty retail space next to the restaurant on Halsey Street. The bakery, to be called simply Saraghina Bakery, is set to open next week, according to New York Magazine.

It will specialize in Italian-style breads (presumably baked in the pizza oven next door) such as ciabatta and pane di campagna, and there will also be fresh pasta, pastries, sandwiches and coffee to go, said the story. The space at 433 Halsey Street, which was once a mosque, has been empty for a while.

Saraghina Pizza’s Edoardo Mantelli Opening a Bakery Next Door [NY Mag] GMAP

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  • This is great news for the neighborhood! Finally a place to buy fresh bread!

  • I heard that this was in the works many months ago. Perhaps they have been doing work under the radar – because I’ve never seen any work going on in the space. They also haven’t filed any building permits (perhaps the space didn’t require any). Either way, I’m surprised they can open up next week. That being said, I’m excited to see the new space. I have high expectations based on the food and service at Saraghina. If only the Peaches people would do something about the old Pantry/Little Brother space. It’s so frustrating to walk buy it and see it empty. They appear to be using part of the space as an office. It seems like a waste of a great retail space. They should be good neighbors and either open something – or sublease it to someone who will. I know I don’t deserve to know, but what are their plans? Don’t even get me going on Emeline (the slowest diner opening is history).

  • The couple times I went to the Peaches Pantry it was so slow and so bad (compared to Peaches and Hothouse, both of which I really like), I can’t say I miss it. It’s a mystery why they’re treating that Pantry space like such amateurs compared to all their other restaurants, which they run like professionals.

    At least the diner seems to be moving forwards. When I walked by the other days, boards were up like they were making a (final?) push.

    What do people know about the space on Lewis south of Halsey that is now the closed down medical place that people are saying might be another bar with food?

  • I posted on a thread a while ago, but I’ll do so here again: One of the owners of Peaches told me the Panty/LB Bbq space is going to be another restaurant, “something that you can’t find anywhere else on the block”, in his words. He wouldn’t say more, but he told me they’d be open in a week or so…that was about a month and a half ago. I’m just speculating, but I was thinking it may have the plan to have it be some sort of noodle/asian/veggie inspired place…since he was eating noodles with chopsticks, and gestured with them, saying something to the effect of, “now I can get something to eat here”. Whatever that means.

  • I saw a listing online for the space on Lewis and Halsey. It’s listed by a fancy commercial broker (RKF). Not sure if that means it’s still available – or perhaps the listing is stale and it’s already been rented. I am hopeful…

    I agree. I didn’t like the Pantry or Little Brother – but I would appreciate at least knowing what there plans are instead of walking by a closed up space. I know I don’t have a right to know, I just think it would be nice.


  • Based on all the openings for employees on Peaches’s website (, maybe they can’t find people to staff the new restaurant, let alone their current ones.

    Back to Saraghina, can’t wait till the bakery opens. I’m sure the products will be great. Hopefully the service will match the quality of the products.

  • I did see that the agenda for this month’s community board 3 meeting had a presentation from one of the new owners of 486 Halsey open a bar there. He was to make a presentation relating to a liquor license application for the site. The presentation was made on behalf of a place to be called Bar Lunatico. I wasn’t at the meeting, so don’t any more than that. Anyone else know anything?