Met Foods Grocery Store on Smith Street in Boerum Hill to Be Demolished


A group of investors are in contract to buy the property at 205 Smith Street in Boerum Hill. They plan to demolish the Met Foods supermarket currently on the site and build a two-story retail building there, reported The Real Deal.

The deal will close sometime in the third or fourth quarter. The property measures 10,000 square feet, which means there is plenty of room to build a big building that will attract a national retailer, said an exec at the Jackson Group, one of the buyers. The others were Aurora Capital Associates and ACHS Management. They are paying $18,500,000 for the property.

A real estate exec speculated the owners could charge $125 to $160 a square foot in the area, which is “relatively underserved” by retail, according to the Jackson Group.

Will you miss this grocery store?

Jackson Group, Aurora Capital Snag $18.5 Million Boerum Hill Retail [TRD]
Photo by Nicholas Strini for PropertyShark

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  • I don’t have a car but I have teenagers that need to eat and that is my store for certain things like juice, water, and some staples. I use them because they deliver. Met has raised its prices on certain items (Near East rice, soy vey teriyaki for example) that they are more expensive at Met than at Union Market or Whole Foods. Recently, I’ve gone back to Fresh Direct.
    We will have affordable housing but no affordable place to shop.

  • “relatively underserved by retail” to be relatively underserved by grocery stores. Sorry projects, You’ll have to trek over to Trader Joes! or the dilapidated C-Town.

  • I can imagine that this will be massively inconvenient for many people in that immediate area.

  • Tearing down a 1 story retail building to build a 2 story retail building seems like kind of a waste. Why not at least 2-3 floors of apartments over retail?

    • You are on to something. Why isn’t a site like this given the zoning bonus to build some affordable housing on top? Why are we giving affordable housing bonuses to the dig developers building off in the Gowanus swamp just now. People, especially seniors, would rather be up on these commercial streets, not down by the canal.

  • The owner/manager of this store is a piece of work. I’ve often suspected that he gleefully reprices items right before snowstorms. BUT, this is going to be a huge loss for the neighborhood. I can’t imagine what the customers I see who shop in their wheelchairs and walkers are going to do. As I think about my regular shopping there, I will particularly miss their deli counter, canned goods, dairy department and frozen food. Their meat and vegetables weren’t very good. (K&Y for veggies, Paisano’s for meat, thank you.)

    • I could have written that myself. Los Paisanos and K&Y are key parts of my shopping routine. I’ve also noticed that quite a few items at Met Food don’t have ANY prices.

      Maybe Mastellones will come back. Heh.

  • That Met Food may not be very good, but it is a grocery store, and the area needs a large grocery store. Not everyone likes or can afford Union Market, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, etc. And with the exception of Union Market, they are a trek for someone who is not that ambulatory. It’s too bad, wish it would be a new building with a nice new grocery store.

  • I don’t like this store. At all. It has an air of griminess that I’m not particularly fond of. However, will I miss it? Yes, because it’s the only normal larger-sized grocery store on my walk home from the F. If I need something, I don’t like it, but I know that I can go there and get it. Trader Joe’s is not the type of place where you can duck in quickly for a few eggs on your way back home, and I don’t really want to always fork over the extra $$$ for the fancier, smaller gourmet stores. It was an option, at the very least.

    According to the news over the past week, no one in Boerum Hill does laundry or has to run out for milk at night.

    • With nothing to eat we may all become frail waifs but we will all be able to fit into Lululemon yoga pants and with all the money we save on food we can just toss the yoga pants and buy another pair. Who needs laundry?

  • This is the absolute worst news I’ve heard today. Brooklyn has been decimated.. Can’t wait for another obnoxious overpriced retailer to further whitewash the neighborhood. Sorry seniors, poor people, (or middle class for that matter) Gentrification is social cleansing and cultural imperialism.

  • I echo the comments from other local residents about the loss of this supermarket. It is the only true supermarket in the immediate area and it was our go to spot for emergencies and last minute items on the way home from work. It is much better than when we moved in when it reeked of cat urine and was incredibly unsanitary, but still no great shakes.

    What makes no sense to me is the alleged decision to not build housing above retail here. I am not a zoning expert by any means but from my reading of the map they can build no larger than a two story commercial structure but could build residential above. In this market rentals or condos above would be very desirable.

    • Why are supermarkets in NYC such sh*t-shows? It wouldn’t be tolerated in other major international cities. Waitrose, Tesco, M&S in London are light years ahead in terms of quality, selection and — often — price!

      • You are right. fantastic supermarkets in Chicago and Philadelphia too.

      • Yes, NYC grocery stores are generally pretty gross. Probably because they have a captive audience – in Chicago or Philly, people would just get in their car and go somewhere else. As far as the Met, this is/was our go-to but recently I’ve been discovering that this place is more expensive than Brooklyn Fare! Guess which is a more pleasant experience.

    • FAR is 2.0 residential or commercial. I’m guessing retail has more value than resi on Smith so they are maxing out with retail. They must be planning on one retailer because I can’t imagine who else would want second floor retail.

  • I have lived 3 blocks away for over a decade and have been in the Met only three times because it is a horrible place to shop. Better to walk to the greengrocer on Court for fruits and vegetables (good quality/price) and there is no shortage of smaller corner grocers for staples. The meat and fish were disgusting, plenty of better fishmongers and butchers in the neighborhood. Will not miss this grocery store.