Pathway to Barclays May Get a Facelift


The Downtown Brooklyn Partnership wants to make over Flatbush from the Fulton Mall to Barclays Center, DNAinfo reported. The group is asking local politicians for their support and help drumming up about $7,000,000 for the project. The improvements would extend Phase I of the Flatbush Avenue streetscape project, which is now complete (and cost $23,000,000) from Dekalb to 4th Avenue.

Upgrades would include new sidewalks, benches, plantings, streetlights, and a new median. Phase I of the project brought similar changes to Flatbush Avenue Extension between Tillary and Fulton, pictured above. The DOT has been working on streetscape improvements on the other side of Flatbush in Park Slope since 2010.

Group Wants $7 Million to Improve Route to Barclays Center [DNAinfo]
Photo by Downtown Brooklyn Partnership

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  • It would be swell – if in addition to the palm trees and planters made out of semi-precious stones – they could work out a way for residents of Fort Greene to drive to Cobble Hill without trying to make a left turn from Fulton Street on to Nevins, crossing Flatbush, or by driving thru from DeKalb at the Fulton Mall. IT WOULD REALLY BE NICE TO GET TO THIRD AVENUE DIRECTLY.

    Thanks for your concern, Dowtown Brooklyn Partnership.

    • Seriously. I hardly ever am in a car or even a cab, but even on the rare occasions, the fact that it now takes massive convolutions to get from Fort Greene/Clinton Hill to Pacific Street west of Fourth Ave is distinctly annoying.

    • Restore Third Avenue to full 2-way status, and you could turn south off Flatbush.

      DOT is really f–king us by refusing to tame the commercial traffic they shove down residential Nevins St.

      Sorry – we all have our own traffic axes to grind.


    • Agreed. I don’t own a car anymore, but when I need a car to go out of town I usually rent from Avis or Hertz, both of which are on Atlantic. Huge pain in the ass to get back there from Ft. Greene. That turn from Fulton to Nevins across Flathbush is treacherous, with the buses and oblivious pedestrians. And forget about getting from Cobble Hill to Ft. Greene. How about a left turn option ANYWHERE on Atlantic between Smith and Barclays Center? Access to 3rd Ave, or running 4th ave both ways in front of Barclays would be swell.

      • Exactly. Restoration of just the block of Lafayette between Ashland and Flatbush to 2 way traffic connecting to Schermerhorn and 3rd Ave. would cut down the overload of traffic on Nevins, and cut congestion at both Dekalb and Fulton with cars attempting that left turn.

        Also, recently I was surprised to run into a friend from Queens standing at my local bus stop. I asked him what he was doing here and he replied that he often parks in Clinton Hill and then takes the B 38 to connect to his subway commute (he works around 14th St.). I am sure he’s not the only example.

        Residential parking permits will cut down on congestion and also probably help to slow traffic. We need some serious solutions in this area which amount to a lot more than landscape gardening.

      • Also, if Laurie Cumbo could get behind the traffic calming issue , I might reconsider voting for her next time. She currently has a lot to make up for, given the recent Crown Heights comments.

  • Schermerhorn would be a nice addition too.

  • This is the wealthy Long Island residents who refuse to take the train in can have a nice median to look at? Great! Thanks for this, another thing we really don’t need.

  • Meanwhile, Saratoga Square Park still looks horrible.

  • $7M is a lot of dough that can be better spend elsewhere.

    • >>$7M is a lot of dough that can be better spend elsewhere.

      Yeah, informing the hipster influx that there are long-time FG residents here who are not 30 year od bike riders would be one place to start : P

      • The bike lane isn’t just for hipsters. Those bike lanes reduce congestion, better for the environment, and just plain make sense. That you think only a certain segment of the population uses it is sad and makes you massively uninformed.

        • Not so uninformed. I use it too and I am definitely not a hipster. But insisting that the subway or a bike is the only solution to transportation issues that HAVE TO INCLUDE CARS TOO is stupid. Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled jewel-encrusted bollards.

          • Do you live nearby the Barclay’s Center? Well, I do. I have a car and a bike. And on days I come home from somewhere at 10 PM only to have to park blocks away from my apt. It sucks! It was never this way before the arena opened. Maybe that’s why I don’t care much for making the ride down Flatbush pretty to look at.

          • Great BKOne….because the big empty shit hole that was there before when you could park closer was so much better!!!!

  • Maybe in 20 years it will look as nice as the roads in Singapore. Something to strive for.

  • What happened to the big sculpture (“Miss Brooklyn and Miss Manhattan”, i think) that was supposed to be suspended over Flatbush and I thought was part of the original $25M project? No mention of this since 2011 that I can find.

    • The transpositions (in location and materials) of Daniel Chester French’s sculptures Brooklyn and Manhattan—which once adorned the Manhattan Bridge and are now on the front of the Brooklyn Musuem—were recently reviewed (again) by the Public Design Commission and should be finally arriving in the near future.