Landmarks Moves to Preserve Garden Core on Park Slope Block


Remember the neighbors who were keen to protect the green space on the interior of their block from encroachment by a proposed rear addition at 115 Lincoln Place, above?

Well, after the local community board nixed the proposal, the Landmarks Preservation Commission decided it didn’t care for it either, reported The Brooklyn Eagle. LPC asked the homeowners to come up with a new, less intrusive proposal for an extension.

The LPC praised the backyard green space, saying “it does measure up to the standard of unique,” is “just so special” and has “the feel of a commons,” according to quotes in the Eagle.

Victory in Landmarks Fight Goes to Angry Neighbors of 115 Lincoln Place [Brooklyn Eagle]
Neighbors Fighting Addition on Landmarked Park Slope Block Win Round One [Brownstoner]

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  • not for nothing but the back yards all look pretty crappy to me.

  • They’re very pretty & the open vista is rare for most ‘donuts’.

    • What the heck does open vista mean?
      When someone in one of the homes looks out the back, they see trees, shrubs and backs of houses. Not very open to me.

      • You must keep in mind this is Park Slope, where the more ridiculous, inane & innocuous something is, the more it’s defended & coveted (or, more accurately, worshipped).

        Now that the owners have seen the light (yes, pun intended), perhaps they’ll consider turning it into a breast feeding garden for the newest spawn of the self entitled to enjoy.

    • what planet are you living on.

      those backyards are hardly pretty. they look unkept and messy.

      please. i dont see anything pretty about them.

  • How is this any different than other ‘donuts’?

  • I would bet a lot of money that the owners of this house are among the biggest schmucks in New York. They could probably could care less that they are detested by their neighbors.

    • Whhaaaattt? Biggest schmucks in New York? I think I’d put criminals, various politicians, etc… Up there before someone wanting to put an addition on their house. I mean lets remember they own that yard…..someone is telling them what they can do with their property.

    • So what. They tried to “bulk-up” the building. They probably took it too far. They may not even be charmers;
      but… biggest schmucks? Da@n! That’s harsh.
      The facades are protected by Landmarks. The “donut” is the newer conversation we now have w/LPC.
      Shame these owners are so disliked. But since they are, … don’t be surprised if the garden (I mean weeds, ugh) get leveled, and pavers appear **poof** overnight. That, then, is a shorter conversation.
      If they can’t use/expand their house, perhaps they can expand/use their garden.
      The neighbors still aren’t invited to their bbq’s–

  • Crappy? Why is everyone moving to Brooklyn? if you have nothing relevant to say about the preservation of the Historic District, move on…

  • It is fortunate for the neighbors that Lincoln Place between 7th & 8th Avenues is within the Park Slope Historic District. Otherwise, the owner of 115 could have painted their house pink, added another story on the building and built a five story extension into the back yard.