Do Your Holiday Shopping This Weekend at the Giant Brooklyn Flea/Smorg in Williamsburg!


Every winter for the past five years, the Brooklyn Flea has moved indoors in December. For the past few years, the market’s been at One Hanson. This year, however, we’ve set up shop in a new 50,000-square-foot space at North 5th and Wythe Avenue in Williamsburg. There are about 125 flea vendors there to satisfy all your holiday shopping needs along with about 75 Smorgasburg vendors to make sure you don’t go hungry in the process.

The space is so big and jam-packed full o’ stuff that it’s hard to capture it well on film, but the photos below should give you a taste — and you can see a whole lot more on this recent Gothamist post. (Insider tip: Show up before noon and find the shortest Ramen Burger line you’ve ever seen. And wash it down with a cold one from Smorgasbar!) You can find more details on the Flea blog.

The Brooklyn Flea is open on Saturdays and Sundays at 80 North 5th Street from 10 am to 6 pm through the end of March. winterflea02 winterflea03 winterflea04 winterflea05 notempty

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  • We always did our shopping at the flea in Fort Greene until you guys decided to move to Williamsburg; just too hard to get to. Why would you move from a location that is so accessible to this place. Let’s hope we see you at your old location in the spring.
    By the way, from the pictures, the place looks pretty emply. Assuming other people find this place a pain to get to as well.

  • Yeah, we loved One Hanson too but it was not available this winter. There are VERY few places (as in none, basically) in Brownstone Brooklyn where we could put something on like this. What’s more, we’d pretty much outgrown One Hanson. Last year we were not able to include all our vendors, which is tough for people who need to make their living year-round. As for it being empty, thanks for the snark but there’ve been a ton of people. We added another photo with some more people in it.

  • The new space is so much more comfortable and appropriate for its use as a flea, than was One Hanson Place. True, we have a car so it was not hard to get to. Parking was possible to find within a few blocks and there are a lot more stores to visit in the Williamsburg area than around One Hanson Place (unless you count Ratner’s mall). Try it. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. PS, the food choices are pretty good and the eating spaces more pleasant (even if you can’t get a seat, which you probably couldn’t in the old place either.

  • I too miss the One Hanson location. I can’t be bothered to haul my ass over to Williamsburg for this. It is what it is. I’m sure they’ll do even better with new larger space.

  • Adding my 2 cents to agree with the other posts. I just found out last weekend that you’re not at 1 Hanson this year. I will really miss walking over to p/u a soap or a quick gift. Please bring it back to Ft Greene!! Williamsburg is too far and difficult to get to.