Bed Stuy Fresh and Local Opens Monday


Bed Stuy Fresh and Local will open its doors Monday, December 23 at 11 am, cofounder Sheila Akbar told us. The store, located at 210 Patchen Avenue in east Bed Stuy next to the now-shuttered Manny’s, had a ceviche tasting party Monday the 16th.

The store will open with fresh fish, produce, prepared foods and shelf-stable items. “We hope to raise enough money to open our butcher counter by the springtime,” said Akbar. The butcher counter prep area is built and the meat walk-in installed in the basement, but for now the store is holding off on buying a few deli cases and meat-processing equipment.

The Village Fishmonger will do a CSF (community supported fishery) box for customers. Produce will include leafy greens, vegetables, beans, herbs, and fruits, locally sourced when possible.

On offer at the prepared foods counter will be salads, soups, stews, mac and cheese and house-made pizzas. There will be a juice bar and PATH coffee.

Dairy will come from upstate’s Milk Not Jails. There will also be pickles from Brooklyn Brine, honey from upstate, locally ground flours from Farmer Ground Flour, and pita bread from Damascus Bakery.

The store will be open from 11 to 8 to start, “until we get a better sense of demand,” said Akbar. Above, the new storefront with salvage windows. We think it came out really well. How do you like it?

Bed Stuy Fresh and Local Designing With Tile, Salvage Windows [Brownstoner] GMAP

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