Mod-Look Six-Story Hotel Rising in Sunset Park

A tipster sent us these photos and informed us that work had recently begun on a six-story hotel at 457 39th Street between 4th and 5th avenues in Sunset Park. The space-age-style building will have 70 units spread across 19,928 square feet of commercial space, an exercise room, breakfast area and eight outdoor parking spaces, according to new building permits issued earlier this month.

Michael Kang Architect is designing the building. An LLC bought the property for $565,000 last year and demolished a two-story brick house and a one-story garage.

We’ve included a photo of the building site after the jump. What do you think of the design of the hotel and the parking lot?

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  • It’s terrible that this area hasn’t been rezoned for residential, so instead of housing units to relieve pressure on the housing market, we get tacky hotels that threaten to turn the Sunset Park waterfront into a party zone. Rezone–end the hotel scourge.

  • Everything always looks better in the architects’ renderings than they will ever appear in real life, but this is a pretty cool design. A little bit on the George-Jetson side, but a nice update of the “International Style” Still, context is everything, and it looks like there’s enough room around it to be a stand-alone structure, which will certainly help its curb appeal.

  • I would hardly call 39th Street between 4th and 5th avenues the “waterfront” but I do agree re: housing vs hotel rooms.

  • My neighborhood at the Park Slope/ Gowanus cusp-zone has had 7 hotels pop-up in the last few years, as hotels are considered “commercial” and can exist in the commercial zone. ALL of them have been bland, pointless architecture, setting a sad tone for a long-depressed looking area. Many developers built hotels with the plan to go broke running a hotel, and then plead a hardship case to get a variance to convert them to residential. It was an underhanded way to build more residential buildings, but they never expected hotels to be as successful as most of them have been. Since it’s obviously not bad living in these areas, we can only hope the presence of hotels is the foot in the door to help bring in rezoning for residential construction.

  • I’m willing to reserve judgement until it gets built. Better looking than the Days Inn down the block.

  • circle circle dot dot, now I got my cootie shot

  • Very cool design! I know that there are a lot of hotels opening up in Sunset Park, but it does seem like an odd place for a hotel. I suppose it is just about the proximity to the BQE and cheap land.

  • I think using the word “design” is overly generous.

    But the demand for hotel space in Brooklyn and NYC is pretty much insatiable now, with per night rates at some of the other pop-ups starting @ $199/night. They will keep building them as long as it makes the owener/developer/operator $$$.