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  • Looks like fewer places are going above ask. I feel like a few months ago, everything was going for significantly higher than list price.

  • What’s up with 570 Bergen St? Is there a C of O issue? Otherwise, I can’t understand why it isn’t being marketed as two condos — which is how the space is set up inside. It’s also crazy that the developer hasn’t shelled out the $50k (or less) to complete the new brownstone facade. They left it at the gray undercoat stage which looks lousy. Especially when you’re asking $3.5m!

  • dunno what’s happening with bergen facade, but if i had to place a wager i’d say landmark is not happy with owner / contractor that went to town on this place as if he’d owned it. (ba dum dum… i’ll be here all week folks, ladies drink for free)