Pol Proposes Privately Owned Vacant Lot for Carroll Gardens Citi Bike Station


State Assemblywoman Joan Millman is in the midst of brokering a deal to bring Citi Bike to an unused vacant streetside strip of tarmac in Carroll Gardens, DNAinfo reported. The empty lot at 336 Union Street runs along Smith Street and housed the outdoor Brooklyn Indie Market until 2010. Last week, the three unused kiosks left over from the market and covered in graffiti were removed, said the story. Millman reached out to the owner of the lot, who agreed to the plan, and also proposed it to Citi Bike officials. It would be unusual to locate a station on private land, but the lot appears to be the perfect size and shape for a station, and it wouldn’t take up precious on-street parking spaces. So far, Carroll Gardens doesn’t have a station. Do you think this would be a good spot for one?

Official Asks Citi Bike to Roll Out Station at Vacant Smith Street Lot [DNAinfo]
Photo by Nikhita Venugopal for DNAinfo

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  • It only makes sense if it is part of a larger Citi Bike expansion in the area. Currently, there are no Citi Bike docs located south of Atlantic, and I’m pretty sure the most recent expansion plans don’t include this area.

  • Excellent location. 1/2 Block from F.
    Good work Joan!

  • Ah yes… everything must be evaluated under the prism of how it will ultimately impact on “precious on-street parking spaces”.

    I wonder if Citi Bike makes sense even if it does result in the loss of a few taxpayer subsidized, free parking for car owners?

  • A great idea. I was surprised to hear that was privately held land. I had always thought it was owned by the MTA- think I saw it on a map once. Amazed the owner didn’t build a (very narrow) townhouse on it.

  • Yeah, pretty risky to have a station not close to alternate locations. A lot of times the system is broken, or the racks are either full or empty, so there would need to be at least an alternate location within a few blocks.

  • I hear that the land owned will eventually build there, but in the mean time, Citi Bike sounds great! They definitely have to do it along with a general roll-out of additional stations in the area. the bike share program is a victim of its own success; bikes are all taken by commuters by 9:00am and they fill to capacity in the evening again. So there need to be lots of stations close to each other. I am a Citi Bike user and love the program, but the closest station to my house is a 15 minute walk away; we need more stations and bikes!