Hotel to Replace Boerum Hill Post Office?

A tipster tells us the post office at 542 Atlantic Avenue in Boerum Hill will shut down over the next year, and the postal carriers will relocate to nearby stations, so the building owner can put up a seven-story hotel on the spot. He also owns the five-story warehouse next door at 540 Atlantic, so perhaps that lot is also part of the plan. It is empty, according to our tipster, but PropertyShark shows a lis pendens filed against the building in 2011 and that it was advertised for rent in the last month. We can find no applications for demo or new building permits. We’ve tried contacting the owner, who building records indicate may be a developer, but he hasn’t returned our request for comment. Have you heard anything about this? GMAP

Photo via Google Maps

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  • While I detest this post office, I do hope they keep one open in the area – there isn’t anything anywhere near here, and losing it would be a blow to the neighborhood.

  • PSGirl…I was just saying the same thing. The lines are always long and the postal workers are less than courteous, but this location is truly needed. I hope they open a temp location close by. SMH! Damn gentrification!!!

    • Is there a post office in Brooklyn where this isn’t the case? It’s the exact same thing for the P.O. on Myrtle Avenue by Pratt.

      It IS scheduled to be closed, replaced by who knows what in terms of postal services, yet it will also be missed because it is truly needed.

  • there are NO nearby post offices…….sheesh!

  • This is the Post Office for all of 11217 which includes Park Slope north of Union St & west of the Park. It’s a huge facility. I’d think they’d have to do something to accommodate all the people who will be affected.

  • This place is awful. But unfortunately, it’s needed. Maybe if the hotel is nice enough, they’ll sell stamps and you can drop your packages in their outgoing mail.
    But seriously, this place is like every joke about “going postal” in one awful, slow, frustrating place. Even the self-serve is awful. Partly because of the facilities, and partly because of the nimrods who can’t seem to grasp how to use the machines.

  • The place is awful – my heart sinks every time I have a notice that a package is there (always long lines, inept staff who are sometimes downright rude) – but it does serve a huge population and nothing else is nearby. Hard to figure out where they would put a replacement

  • I had THE worst experience at this PO when I first moved to the neighborhood. It was to pick up a package that couldn’t be delivered after ONE attempt. They shipped the item back to the merchant.

    I swore I wouldn’t go back, and I didn’t. Manhattan post offices are far and away better, I’ll only use the one by my office. The one at Cadman Plaza seems equally efficient. You won’t mis it, really, you won’t.

  • It sucks this building is being torn down. Never actually noticed it was a post office- I guess they share the building with an Islamic center.

    The postal service is ridiculously unbalanced. New York City seems to be the most underserved place in the country. Compare that with upstate (where I now live) and there’s a post office in every tiny hamlet and village. Each ones serves a few hundred to a few thousand people, compared with the ones in Brooklyn that have to handle tens to hundreds of thousands of peoples’ mail. I used to dread having to track down a package, especially when I lived in Bed-Stuy and had to use the Bushwick post office. Red Hook’s one of the best, probably because they have to serve fewer people. But still- you’d think they could figure out the simple math- put more staff in places with higher populations? Federal Government. Nuff said.