Rental of the Day: 277 21st Street

Cute, cute, cute. That’s the word for this whole-house rental at 277 21st Street in Greenwood Heights. The three bedrooms, along with everything else, are moderately sized. Sliding glass doors from the nicely renovated kitchen lead out to a huge backyard, definitely a big perk. The monthly rent comes in at a total of $4,800. We like the space but that number still may be pushing it, at least in Greenwood Heights.
277 21st Street [Stribling] GMAP P*Shark

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  • Brownstoner is always so down on Greenwood Heights. Granted, it’s not exclusive Clinton Hill or ultra-wealthy Carroll Gardens but is is a great, community-minded neighborhood with a lot to offer including the Green-Wood Cemetery, lovely wooden houses, and good public schools. I’m so tired of the attitude B’stoner brings to discussions of this decidedly not-gentrified neighborhood. Other ‘rental of the day’ posts end with a question like “the price seems high, do you think they’ll get it?” For this ‘hood it’s always something like what they wrote above: “that number still may be pushing it, at least in Greenwood Heights.”

  • Second Elizabeth! This is a GREAT nabe! We lived on 21st too (btwn 4th and 5th) and in the 6 years we were there so much has changed. Great shops/bars/restaurants along 5th, a wonderful sense of community, and terrific public schools. We needed to move to something bigger and unfortunately were priced out of this neighborhood! So sorry to leave!

  • I never noticed if brownstoner seemed down on greenwood, but $4800 is a pretty hefty rent. This may be a whole house but it’s basically a nice duplex. I love the nabe and would love to own this house but still $4800 is high for what and where it is. The mortgage on this place wouldn’t be that high.

  • Elizabeth, I’ve been meaning to say this for so long. Greenwood Heights is a beautiful, diverse neighborhood. The low buildings leave a huge sky open and the bars and restaurants in the neighborhood make it an EXTREMELY desirable place to live. I only see more to come with the renovation of the greenhouse on 25th street and more businesses popping up everyday. Brownstoner is way more accepting and supportive of worse, less interesting neighborhoods with less potential than GH.