Closing Bell: Brooklyn Bridge Improvements

Earlier today the Department of Transportation and Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan announced some major improvements for the access ramps to and from the Brooklyn Bridge and the FDR Drive. The first ramp, which connects the exit from the bridge’s Manhattan-bound lanes with the FDR Drive, has been expanded from one to two lanes to ease traffic backups. And the second ramp, connecting the southbound FDR Drive with the approach to bridge’s Brooklyn-bound lanes, has been expanded from one to two lanes in an attempt to ease congestion and keep cars from aggressively cutting in. The DOT also announced that they are nearly finished with work on a third ramp on the Brooklyn side of the bridge, which connects the Brooklyn-bound lanes to Cadman Plaza West and Old Fulton Street. This ramp will also be expanded into two travel lanes to expand vehicle capacity and increase safety for the surrounding streets. This is all part of the major Brooklyn Bridge rehab project, which includes repainting the bridge. The whole shebang, which started up in 2010, will cost a total of $508 million and hopefully finish next year. Click through to see more images of the ramp improvements happening.

3 Comment

  • This is YEARS overdue. great news.

  • These first two improvements were already completed last week (maybe 2 weeks ago?). I drive it daily, and it seems to be making a difference as more and more people realize that there’s a new lane. Right now there’s still a bit of crowding on 1 lane.

  • Hallelujah! The choke point at the FDR exit to the BK Bridge has been giving me high blood pressure for years – and I’m surprised there haven’t been more homicides there.

    So just to clarify – now we can use the leftmost lane to cut the two right lanes, right? Because if I can screw my fellow citizens in order to shave a couple minutes off my trip to Brooklyn, c’mon bro – who wouldn’t!