Last Week’s Biggest Sales

1. PARK SLOPE $3,850,000
113 St. John’s Place GMAP P*Shark
A HOTD we listed in February. It was purchased for $2,900,000 back in 2007. We said, “Despite disagreeing with their choice to put recessed lighting in the parlor floor, we’re liking the look and feel of the rest of the interiors very much.” Someone else did, too — it was asking $3,750,000. Deed recorded on 4/4/2013.

2. GRAVESEND $3,400,000
2050 East 3rd Street GMAP P*Shark
No listing for this one-family home. The PropertyShark photo above was taken three years ago, so we don’t know that’s its current state. Deed recorded on 4/2/2013.

3. PARK SLOPE $2,830,000
409 8th Street GMAP P*Shark
A HOTD pick in March. It was listed for $2,995,000 after a failed attempt last spring asking $3,195,000. It’s a modern renovation that we said “is likely to split the vote.” Deed recorded on 4/4/2013.

4. WILLIAMSBURG $2,443,800
34 North 7th Street, #TH1 GMAP P*Shark
The listing was pulled for this three bed/three-and-a-half bath unit at The Edge. Deed recorded on 4/1/2013.

5. GOWANUS $2,055,500
96 2nd Street GMAP P*Shark
An Open House Pick in December 2012. Back then it was asking $1,900,000. You can see the listing for this three family home here. This has to be one of the biggest sales to hit Gowanus… Deed recorded on 4/4/2013.

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  • How is 2nd street Gowanus? Its on the other side of the canal between Hoyt and Bond – this is Carroll Gardens, no? Even your streeteasy link has it in carroll gardens.

    • I’m not sure how productive these debates over neighborhood boundaries are, but here goes…At least for school district purposes, Smith Street is the dividing line between CG and Gowanus. I appreciate that the streets running between Smith and Hoyt could generally be considered CG, but there is a strong argument that everything East of Hoyt is Gowanus and not CG. At the end of the day all these neighborhood names are historical fiction anyway. Outside of Red Hook, Flatbush and Bed Stuy (which each covered huge swaths of land now consider a dozen or more neighborhoods), there were really no neighborhood names to argue about.

      • I agree generally about the artificiality of the neighborhood lines, but to the extent that it matters I would say that Hoyt is the dividing line, based both on the historic district maps and the school zones. Hoyt to Smith (at least South of President) is zoned for PS 58.

        • “Hoyt to Smith (at least South of President) is zoned for PS 58.”

          I didn’t realize that. I thought all of Smith to Hoyt was zoned for PS 32, but you’re right – South of President is PS 58.

  • East of Hoyt = Gowanus, cuz if you walk south you fall in the canal :)

  • I doubt anyone west of the canal (other than newbies and brownstoner readers) call the neighborhood gowanus.

  • Yes, less debate than curiosity. It seems off to me to go by school districts. This past year, District 15 has spoken about rezoning PS58 to everything north of Smith – obviously we wouldn’t start calling the grand garden blocks between Smith and Hoyt Gowanus. So basing it on school districts seems off.
    Right now, the blocks below Hoyt do have small front gardens (unlike the houses east of the canal, which don’t); these blocks were included in the city’s Carroll Gardens rezoning area restricting building height to 50′ (the boundary is Bond, not Hoyt); and the Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Association included to Bond in their application to have Carroll Gardens historically landmarked. So who keeps saying it should be Gowanus?

    PS And Emily, seems the Gowanus record was on Bond Street in 2011 per Brownstoner – unless of course that’s Carroll Gardens!