DOT Considers Bike Lane for Verrazano Bridge

Looks like that petition asking for a bicycle and pedestrian lane across the Verrazano Bridge has gained some traction. The Brooklyn Daily reports that the MTA is considering conducting a feasibility study for allowing cyclists and peds on the bridge, although it wouldn’t happen until 2014 or later. Building the route, which would mean installing a platform between the suspension cables, would cost as much as $26.5 million, according to a 1997 feasibility study that was already conducted by the Department of City Planning. The good news: It would not require removing any car lanes. The petition now has more than 1,000 signatures.
Cyclists Push for Verrazano Bike Lane [Brooklyn Daily]
Pedestrian Access for Verrazano Bridge? [Brownstoner]
Photo by Frank Hymus

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  • right, just what we need to waste out money on, a freaking bike lane on the VZ at 26.5 million.
    who are these retards that think this crap up.

    like we have nothing better to spend our money on.

    hey how about spending the money to clean up all our city streets and highway on and off ramps, everything in NYC is disgusting,

    a bike lane on vz we can do without

  • Wonderful. Let’s spend tons of money making city streets and on/off ramps more attractive for cars (what else would care about the cleanliness of an on/off ramp). Now that’s what I call progressive fiscal policy.

    There are a lot of things we can do without, but I guess we can’t have cars going into piston block seizure at the sight of candy wrapper or cigarette butt.