Bike Share Coming to Nabes West of Nostrand First

Bed Stuy will receive the City Bike Share program in two phases, according to DNAinfo. The DOT plans to introduce nine locations in Bed Stuy between Classon and Nostrand, and one in Clinton Hill, as early as May. The other two dozen station locations, planned east of Nostrand Avenue, will not be ready until the end of 2013, according to the story. The bike share program faced significant setbacks after Hurricane Sandy damaged much of the material stored in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Here’s a map of the extensive station locations around New York City.
Bike Share Coming to Bed-Stuy in Two Phases [DNAinfo]
Photo by Gothamist

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  • CitiBank can spend our bailout money sponsoring stadiums and and bike shares but – they can’t care enough to open more than 3 retail locations for their customers in Brooklyn?

    • … because this city desperately needs more bank storefronts. The fact that there are already 4 on every corner just isn’t enough.

      • @sherri, actually – the city does, especially in working class neighborhoods. There is only ONE Citibank location, that I know of for Crown Heights and Bed Stuy@Restoration Plaza. Compare that to 5-6 Chase locations.

    • pretty sure there’s more than 3 Citi branches in Brooklyn

      • @dirty, up until a year ago there were only 3 Citi branches in Downtown Brooklyn: Montague/Clinton St, 7th ave/Union, and Court/President. They finally added two more : at 5th Ave/9th & Atlantic Mall.

        It may seem like a lot but it’s a fraction, compared to Chase. If they would stop treating their retail customers like @#$% – perhaps they wouldn’t have to “sponsor” everything under the sun.

  • I can’t help but think the bike share program is little more than a marketing vehicle for the company. Every bike and station is a CitiBank ad.

  • “It may seem like a lot but it’s a fraction, compared to Chase.”

    Who cares? It’s a commercial bank, not a savings bank. There are a lot of other commercial-bank options in Brooklyn. Just choose another bank if there is no Citibank near you! What, does Citibank have some kind of monopoly on providing banking services?

  • Washington D.C. was able to implement a bike share program that doesn’t rely on a large corporate sponsor, and is thus unbranded. We were there last summer- tons of people use the bikes. So yeah, another corporate tie-in for nyc. yay.