Closing Bell: GoogaMooga Lineup Announced

The GoogaMooga Festival is back for its second year at Prospect Park. Today the company who runs it, Superfly, announced the full music and food lineup coming on the weekend of May 17. Eater has the full rundown, but musical acts include The Flaming Lips, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Darkness, Matt & Kim and De La Soul. Food vendors (85 restaurants are participating) include Baked, Do or Dine, Fatty Cue, Momofuku, Mile End, Vinegar Hill House and Roberta’s. A bunch of beverage tents will serve over 75 beers and over 100 wines. Even more food and drink additions are expected in the coming weeks. The Flaming Lips, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and The Darkness will play a paid show on Friday night, and complimentary tickets will be available for the Saturday and Sunday shows at the GoogaMooga website from Monday, April 1 to Wednesday, April 3. Last year there were technical issues with the complimentary tickets, and some vendors ran out of food during the festival. For those who attended last year, will you return?
Check Out the Food, Music Lineup for GoogaMooga ’13 [Eater]
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  • The Great Douche-A-Mooga returns. So what if an out-of-state organizer takes a great chunk of Prospect Park and rings it with fences like a prison camp for a month? So what if people are overcharged for tiny morsels of food? So what if Prospect Park gets trashed again and stays a muddy mess – the park was never put back the way it was before this so-called festival – there are still ruts all over the Nethermead where the Googa Mooga people were. The Prospect Park Alliance is a joke for doing this once again. We know the Parks Department is clueless.

  • At first was disappointed that I missed getting tix last year, until I heard nothing but complaints afterwards. Unbearable lines, food shortages, tiny portions….all that money to wait for ever to get just enough to keep from collapsing. Pass.

    • Last year did suck but in fairness to the organizers they are based in nyc. Same group produces Bonnarroo and Outside Lands which are well run, albeit out of state festivals. I like the music lineup (love the Lips) and food vendors. Hope it runs smoother this year.

  • If what 5w30 says is true, then that’s too bad. We don’t want the park to get chewed up from something like this. I also have a problem with large areas of the park being closed off to the public for paid events. They should do this on Randall’s Island or Floyd Bennett Field. I also heard that there were some serious problems with the event last year, I’m surprised that they renewed it.

  • The douchebags setting up for this last year tried to hassle me for running through the park like a day or two before the festival even started. Get this out of MY park.

  • “I like the music lineup”

    I don’t.

  • This was a total horror show lat year and the Neathermead still hasn’t recovered. I cannot believe they are doing it again. I, and many of my neighbors, would gladly donate $49.50 to the PPA if they promised NOT to do this. It is a travesty.

  • emily, it wasn’t that vendors were running out of food, it was the LINES and the lack of water. i left hungry, thirsty and angry.

  • GoogaMooga FAIL! Didn’t they lose all credibility as event organizers with their debacle last year? Fool me once, shame on you… Let’s leave it there.

  • Why must we be subjected to failures like this [and the even worse Singapore festival] on the east side of the park? I’m sure that the Alliance would never stick this garbage on the Long Meadow, rather than the Nethermesd, but, if they somehow did, it would never be repeated.

  • The Flaming Lips have a song called “One Million Billionth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning.”

  • Most of the food was mediocre, at best; And such small portions!

  • Well run or not I’ve learned to pass on these mass food fests. All the vendors are from NYC. Much nicer to go sit in one of their actual establishments and spend my money. Some of the music sounds good but I won’t be catching those acts here.

  • Such a shame that this horrendous event is back. I unfortunately found myself in there last year, and had to finally leave the festival ironically because we were starving, and it was nearly impossible to get any overpriced food without waiting on a 1 hour+ line. Stop selling out Brooklyn to this GARBAGE.

  • I’ll reiterate what others have said. Stand in line for 30 minutes to get a bite-sized piece of whatever, and repeat. Beers were ridiculously expensive, and by the second day, many of the ones I wanted to try were sold out. If what others say about the park is true, then I think it’s a travesty that this event is being held for a second year.