Big Renovation for Windsor Terrace Church

A historic church in Windsor Terrace, the Holy Name of Jesus Church at 245 Prospect Park West, is receiving a big historical restoration. And as a tipster puts it, “This isn’t just any church overhaul: Holy Name was architecturally desecrated in the 1970s, stripped of its beautiful original interiors, painted Pepto-Bismol PINK (it still is), and outfitted like a cross between a fern bar and the transporter room of the USS Enterprise.” The parish is now ready for a renovation and is focusing on a marble altarpiece by James Renwick as the focal point of the project. (Check out pictures of the altarpiece right here.) The church released a few images of proposed designs, although the final design will not be determined until the church knows how much money it can raise. A spokeswoman there says that if all goes according to plan they hope to finish the renovation in time for Christmas. If people are interested in contributing funds, they can call the Holy Name rectory at (718) 768-3071. They can also follow the whole project on Facebook.
Holy Name of Jesus Brooklyn Church Restoration Project [Facebook]

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  • In spite of the altar’s size it still looks a bit lost in the vast space of the interior. But it’s hard to question them jumping at the chance to get a Renwick original, and the side altars too!

  • I went to that church/school — the pepto pink wasn’t till the 80s. And if by “historic” you mean historically tacky, yeah, it was kind of like yr Irish grandma’s living room before that: fake marble, fake gold, fake “classical” paintings of Jesus. The real outrage is launching another costly redo by sucking funds from the pockets of the ever-dwindling number of actual parishioners, while, say, the Arch Diocese of NY owns half of Manhattan, and the Vatican won’t let EU regulators check their bank for mafia money. Sorry, guys,a superficial makeover won’t bring intelligent adults (or their kids) back to the Catholic Church.

  • well, it is hard to sell fear with pepto pink.

  • Hopefully they’ll take out that obnoxious electronic carillion so we don’t have to hear God Bless America every f-ing day.