Real Estate Firm Sues Crown Heights Protesters

Details are scarce, but real estate firm MySpace NYC Monday filed suit against a group identified as Crown Heights Assembly, The New York Daily News has reported. Apparently a group of that name organized a protest in November outside the Crown Heights office of the real estate firm, according to an announcement posted on the I Love Franklin Ave blog. A press release purportedly authored by the group and posted on the blog took issue with the real estate firm for supposedly brokering apartments whose landlords kept them in poor repair and overcharged for rents under the rent stabilization laws.
Real Estate Firm Files Suit Against Crown Heights Activists [NY Daily News]

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  • If the tenants and activists protesting MySpace have documentation of landlord negligence, overcharging, etc, it would seem that a lawsuit initiated by MySpace is beyond stupid on their part. The bad publicity generated by the protesters will be faint praise compared to what a legal investigation will generate.

    Does MySpace really think the defendants can’t muster up some high grade legal help, who will no doubt find every skeleton, every botched or disregarded repair, every overcharge this company ever made?

    In the long run, it will cost them less to just do things right, which is what they should have done in the first place.

  • If MySpaceNYC was actually managing these properties than I can see why the Crown Heights Assembly would target the firm, but they are not. Why target the brokers when the landlords are ultimately responsible for building and apartment maintenance?

  • Somewhat happy to hear something is happening that may finally bring to light who is actually telling the truth here. Is MS unethical but operating within legal boundaries? Are slighted residents going to extremes which are illegal as well (the actions mentioned, and defamation)?

    Maybe MS is more savvy than you think, and wants a discovery phase…or just hopes the cost of defense kills CHA.

  • MySpace actually is pretty savvy in that it does not own most of the buildings that are in disrepair. It merely acts as a broker, and pays long term, rent stabilized tenants to leave. These acts are “offensive” to the CH Assembly, but completely legal. We have been discussing it on Brooklynian for a while:

  • Next up: Myspace sues MySpace NYC for copyright infringement. All is right in the world.

  • I have a friend who worked at MS for several months last year. He described to me how they regularly allowed people without real estate licenses to act as agents, taking applications and being paid on commission. They also posted regularly on the For Rent by Owner section of Craigslist (because it’s free), putting bogus information in the contact section.