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  • Oh Brownstoner, don’t “Ditmas Park” me with that Rugby listing. It’s at Avenue H! Cute house. (They sure painted that kitchen white in a hurry though.)

  • ok, 1.8M is a stretch for that place on 8th. and, hey man—I want a damn Sub-Zero & 48” Wolf dual-fuel range if I am paying 1.8 M!

  • The broker for the Rugby house is ignorant about the neighborhood claiming it’s near the Avenue Q styation. There’s a huige difference between Avenue H and Avenue Q. There is no Avenue Q in Brooklyn.

  • Ave H (Q train) station is the reference they bungled. What a maroon!


    Sweet pad. My greatest regret was buying a 2 bedroom co-op when we could have had a whole house for the same price down in Midwood (we have several friends who bought big old Victorian/Edwardian homes there).

  • The way people talk these days, ditmas park includes everything west of Ocean, East of Coney and north of the railroad – so this qualifies in the broad sense.

    I don’t think any broker is doing their buyers favors saying this is in ‘Fiske Terrace’ or whatever – no one from other neighborhoods will know what it means!

  • 1511 8th Avenue is not in Windsor Terrace. It is South Slope.

  • Interesting question. Where would those reading this draw the border between Windsor Terrace and the new “South Slope”? It depends on one’s frame of reference, so I’ll give mine: I live near the corner of 8th and 8th. When I walk south on 8th Ave, I feel that I’m crossing from “Park Slope” into “South Slope” at 15th St (I know some people think of “South Slope” as beginning south of 9th St, but I don’t know if this holds–for example, PS107 (14th St) is usually discussed as a Park Slope school, not a South Slope school). The idea that I might be in Windsor Terrace never crosses my mind–I associate WT with that strip of PPW and the slope going down the other side. But again, I’m not a WIndsor Terrace resident: where do people in Windsor Terrace draw the western line of their neighborhood? My Brooklyn map calls the whole area now known to many as South Slope “Windsor Terrace,” so clearly South Slope has eaten a chunk of what used to be WT…

  • I’ve lived in WT for over 10 years, and all my neighbors who have been here a long time consider the boundaries to be 9th Ave (PPW), Prospect Park, Greenwood Cemetery, and Caton Avenue. It’s a pretty neat box when you look at it on a map.

    One of my favorite descriptors, which I can’t exactly recall, is something like Parish (Immaculate Heart of Mary on Ft. Hamilton Pkwy) to Parish (Holy Name on PPW), park to grave. When my neighbor said it, it was more clever, but you get the gist…

  • 25 years ago 1511 8th Avenue would be in the South Slope. Forty+ years ago neighborhood was divided along parish lines..or what parochial school you attended. I have heard similar stories as “killedthecat” as to how the neighborhood was carved up by the local youth according to race and religious affiliation. Try reading “Container Diaries” blog from an old timers perspective. http://holyname.wordpress.com/

    Brokers web page claims house was once owned by original developer of the block, which is interesting as this row of houses all suffer from the same settling problem that throws off the visual rhythm of the masonry on the fronts facades. Explains why some of the houses have painted brick so as to camouflage the sloping brownstone window sills from the contrasting brick veneer. Wonder if the settling took place 100+ years ago, soon after completion, if the neighbors/new owners gave him hell…

    I think they came up with the $1.8 million price tag in order to cover what they have taken out of the property over the years.
    Recent comp, the grey painted house next to the laundromat, last in the row, sold for $915k in November of 2011 and was a complete gut renovation. So maybe $1.2 -$1.4 finished?

  • Gonna call it greenwood heights/ south slope toss up. Not Windsor terrace.

  • 1511 8th is not Windsor Terrace. It’s South Slope.