Nine Streetlights Coming to Park Avenue

The Myrtle Avenue Revitalization Partnership has pushed for safety improvements along Park Avenue for a while now, and they share the good news that the city’s Department of Transportation will install nine streetlights along the avenue. MARP and Architecture for Humanity wrote about the inadequate lighting in the Park Avenue Safety Plan and the DoT deemed the findings conclusive. So, by the end of 2013, streetlights will be installed at the following intersections: Park Avenue and Grand Avenue; Park Avenue and Ryerson Street; Park Avenue and Clinton Avenue; Park Avenue and Carlton Avenue; Park Ave and Steuben Street; Park Avenue and Washington Avenue. They will also be installed on Carlton Avenue, Adelphi Street and on North Portland Avenue.

Park Avenue Update: Let There be Light [Myrtle Minutes]

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  • Great news! It’s so amazing to see the city actually responding to the community’s issue. Yay!

  • can they also add a dedicated passenger crossing signal at the corner of Park and Navy? If you’re walking on Navy and need to cross over Park to get to other side, car traffic who have way at same time with their green light. Given that there are many schools in that area, it’s a very dangerous pedestrian intersection.